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Products and Business Ethics You Can Count On


The Brace Guy has years of experience providing braces and supports to professional, amateur and recreational athletes, performing artists, university and high school students, physicians, medical clinics and hospitals. We do both custom fittings and offer "off the shelf" support products to hospitals, physicians and individuals. This varied and extensive experience has helped in identifying the best products available on the market today. And while we acknowledge that while some braces should be custom fitted to the user, we also understand some braces and supports are easily used without a custom fit. However, we also know selecting an inferior product can do more harm than good.

The Brace Guy offers unsurpassed orthotic products for individuals who have been injured or need joint stability. We know that by holding our company to the highest of business standards and putting the safety of our patients first, we can provide compassionate, professional care you can count on. Therefore, The Brace Guy only provides online products that can be safely utilized without a custom fitting.

The Brace Guy has selected products for our website from leading manufacturers who share our dedication to providing a comfortable fit and function to our clients. Rather than visiting the corner drug store, The Brace Guy is saving his clients from the guess work in finding a well-suited brace and from purchasing a support product that may not be safe. Often, drug store braces can put pressure where it shouldn’t be on the body, hurting instead of helping the healing process.

The Brace Guy offers easily applied braces through our website as an added convenience to our clients in need. If you need a brace or support, let The Brace Guy partner in your rehabilitation by providing quality products and committed, compassionate, consistent care.



The Brace Guy assumes no responsibility for improper selection, sizing, fitting or ordering of products offered on this website.


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