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The Brace Guy believes that movement is the essence of life from the caring mother to the young athlete who sprints to the finish line or the overworked executive who bikes to unwind!

Movement, from the ordinary acts of walking a flight of stairs to the extra ordinary achievements of Olympic gymnasts is the very foundation of our lives.

Unfortunately, movement is sometimes hindered by an accident, deformity or disease. It is to those people The Brace Guy wants to extend their expertise and experience in orthotics to restore, retain and improve movement and their lives. The Brace Guy is committed to the retention, restoration and improvement of movement. The Brace Guy specializes in keeping patients active and reducing pain by using advanced practices, protocols and treatments.

The Brace Guy offers the best orthopedic braces in the industry and provides them directly to our clients with the desire to enhance their everyday life. The majority of our products have not only been approved by physicians, but designed by specialist in their specific orthopedic field of expertise.

Regardless of whether you are a homemaker, a high school track star or a world class competitor, when injury occurs and you need orthotics - you want the best product, service and expertise available. The Brace Guy will meet your needs with a commitment to service and quality products you can trust. Call today to schedule an appointment, in-service-training or order products.